Sprout South Africa

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Gardening | 0 comments

A brand-new and the youngest outfit of SANA’s (South African Nursery Association) subsidiaries is called Sprout South Africa. It was created with the intention of bringing a little bit more of nature’s quality of life into people’s homes and daily lives. 

Due to various delays, the GCA (Garden Centres Association) QR Hunt will take place alongside the release of the Sprout app which will take place from 17 September until 30 November 2022. There are 26 participating garden centres in the KwaZulu-Natal region, and one lucky gardener will have the opportunity to win a Grand Prize.
Here are the steps you must do to participate in this QR Code Hunt:

Get the Sprout-SA app now by scanning the QR code below using your phone’s camera & google lens that is included in most phones today. Each garden centre will also display the code, available to scan on a poster in-store, so keep an eye out for them. Visit at least eight unique retailers on the Garden Centre Association list after creating an account. You can view the participating Garden Centre list on this page and in the app. 

For a full entry to be eligible to win the Grand Prize, you must stop by at least 8 locations and scan the QR Codes placed near that Garden Centre’s featured display. 

It can be fulfilling to take care of plants and see them flourish, so come see some of the ideas, laid out for you to take home and make your own, each store has its own unique arrangements and combinations of plants and plant care products to make your home just a bit more Spring Green and to enjoy throughout the year.

The splendour and magnificence of this planet can drastically improve your life. Everyone can grin when they are surrounded by the joys of nature’s beauty in their home. 

Sprout intends to help bring the wonders of nature just a bit closer into our homes, and educate us about its care and how it can care for us.

The Sprout South Africa app was created to highlight SANA members and provide users with educational and interesting content in a fun way. 

“We lean a little more toward the digital side of what it is SANA and its affiliates currently do.  Using the technologies available to us, such as AR | VR | and WEBGL we can create Educational Experiences the whole family can enjoy and learn from. Our aim is to educate people more about the wonders and beauty this planet provides us, in ways that they know or will enjoy.“  – Sprout SA

With features like interactive plant maps, plant detection, historical visualisation, and family-friendly quizzes, to come in the very near future, Sprout promises to provide interactive material for the entire family. Additionally, Sprout will advertise gardening-related events hosted by SANA members in an effort to involve app users. Sprout will give users access to unique events, such as scavenger hunts and augmented reality puzzle challenges.