Sowing Seeds

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Gardening | 4 comments

Autumn is the most important seed-sowing season in a gardener’s calendar. If you need evidence of this just take a look at how many of the plant species have seeds that ripen and disperse during the autumn, effectively sowing them so that the next generation can germinate. Many winter- and spring- flowering plants, most herbs and many vegetables germinate best when sown in autumn. Growing your own plants from seed is simple, easy and really economical.

Seed sowing tips for trays or containers

  •    Make sure that there are drainage holes in the bottom of the container
  •    Fill the tray two thirds full with coco palm peat.
  •    Level the medium and firm it down with a wooden stamp or similar flat object.
  •    Scatter the seeds evenly over the surface, ensuring that they are not too close together. (Very fine seeds can be mixed with a little white maize meal to facilitate even distribution.)
  •    Spread vermiculite gently over the seeds, so that they are just covered.
  •    Use the wooden stamp once again to press down lightly on the vermiculite.
  •    Water thoroughly with as fine a spray as you can obtain.
  •    Cover the tray with a sheet of plastic and place it in a shaded spot until germination commences.