Rocking the garden at the ECR House and Garden Show

12 Jul 2016

Running from 1 – 10 July every year, the East Coast Radio House and Garden Show is one of KZN’s biggest home expo events. And I absolutely love it! Not only is it chock-a-block full of fantastic ideas for your home, I get to stay in one place for 10 days – not something I do often!

This year, we took our travelling gardener caravan and things were full-tilt from day 1. Between The Gardener Live and my stint at The Celebrity Chef Kitchen, I could have slept in that caravan, we were so busy!

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My best part of this show? Getting to interact with readers of The Gardener magazine and my fellow gardening fanatics. At The Gardener Live this year, we answered loads of questions about people’s plants and landscapes – what to do and when to do it to make sure your garden is in full bloom in every way. I love how diverse my gardening family is – from goggos to kids, there’s so much love for gardening out there. Our little succulent plants were a particularly big hit. Gorgeous![ux_image id=”3186″]

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When it comes to the show visitors, I especially love interacting with the kids – they are so enthusiastic and interested, and I found myself sending them home with extra seed packets and slabs of seed to enjoy and grow at home. We have to keep our next generation of green fingers inspired from a young age, don’t you agree?

In fact, we gave away quite a few goodies at this year’s show, including double tickets and some very cool DIY veggie gardens. As many of you know, I love the ‘grow your own food’ trend – it’s cheaper, healthier, and much more fun than just going to the shops. And you all love it too! So many of our visitors wanted to get in on this trend and why not? It just makes so much sense![ux_image id=”3184″]

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Missed out on the show this year? Take a quick peek at what we got up to in The Gardener Live space on our FB page. See you next year!


  1. I just want to know the herb that you said is good to be planted around vegetable garden to prevent insects and diseases. This was presented @Home channel sometimes ago

    • Hi Audrey

      The plants that help with the insects and disease are wormwood, lavender, basil and marigolds.


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