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Tramontina Lopping Shear


This lopping shear is especially used to cut branches and bough of trees where it is not possible to reach during simple pruners.


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Removing those that are found overhead might be difficult, but it won’t be when you use this one. These are designed to help you deal with branches or stems that are found on high places.


  • Blades are made with tempered special carbon steel proportionating more durability and precision for a soft cut.
  • Goods have plastic door-posts to absorb impact when the blades are closed.
  • Besides to be made with wood from reforestation, the handle’s shape is ergonomic to proportionate more comfort during use.
  • The handles length are 43cm.
  • This is the perfect pruning tool for working on hard-to-reach places.


Length: 609mm

Width: 235mm

Height: 33mm


After it was used, clean and dry the shear and apply some drops of mineral oil on the blades and joints




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