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Starke Ayres -Coriander


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Coriander has a pungent, citrus flavor to it. Growing coriander is well worth the effort if just to add a touch of the exotic to both the garden and the dining table.

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Both the American long and plain coriander is a strong culinary herb grown for its aromatic leaves and seeds. They are annuals.

You can plant them directly into the ground or into your seedling trays or pots.

Spacing for both herbs will be 30cm apart from each other, about 1cm in depth.

Germination can take from 14-21 days.

The herb will reach maturity at 35-40 days.

Sowing Season:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter


  • Full Sun


Starke Ayres


Coriander American Long, Coriander Plain

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