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Spicy Microgreen Growkit


Our growkit herb mix is the perfect accessory, use these plants in any dish or as a colourful garnish to add flavour. Grab yours online today.

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Spicy microgreens are a tiny vegetable green that is used both as a visual and flavor component or ingredient primarily in fine dining restaurants. Fine dining chefs use microgreens to enhance the beauty, taste and freshness of their dishes with their delicate textures and distinctive flavors.

This growkit contains seeds for pepper cress, coriander, mustard, rocket.

These microgreens will add a great punch to every dish, from delicious curry to a colourful summer salad.


Soil preparation: Put your “magic disc” of soil in a 250ml cup of water and watch it “grow”. After 2 minutes, put the soil back in the pots.

Seed sowing: Put 2 seeds in each pot and push 2cm into the soil. Cover the seeds and insert your labels into your pots and water lightly.

Growing: Put pots on a sunny windowsill and water lightly every day. When the seedling is 10cm tall, plant it into your garden with its biodegradable pot.




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