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RAW – Seeds Rainbow Carrot


Rainbow Blend – Once upon a time, carrots came in a wide variety of colours. However, in a stroke of patriotism, 16th-century Dutch growers bred the humble carrot orange. This throwback blend is a kaleidoscope of carrots that add a dash of crazy and a whole lot of flavour to every dish.


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Rainbow Carrot Blend – Carrots once came in a wide variety of colours; however Dutch growers in the sixteenth century bred the carrot orange to honour their national colours.

A Kaleidoscope of Carrots. Atomic Red develops deep red colour when cooked; Cosmic Purple has a purple, velvety exterior with a starburst of brilliant orange at the core. Lunar White gives contrast; Yellow carrots a retain their bright colour when cooked.

When cooked, Atomic Red develops a deep sunset colour and Yellow retains its bright hue. Cosmic Purple has a velvety purple exterior with a starburst of brilliant orange at the core, and Lunar White gives contrast. (No, none of these are named after party drugs from the 80s.)

Sow year-round. Sow in full sun, space in 5 x 30cm rows.

Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days and spread to 8-10cm. Harvest in 90-130 days.





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