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Radiccio Red Treviso Seeds


Red Treviso’s tender, slightly bitter leaves and heart are delicious when added raw to salads or sautéed with other vegetables. If you’re one of those people who likes to cook things the way they “are meant to be cooked”, then copy our Northern Italian brethren and whip up a radicchio risotto or pasta. We’ll be there in ten.

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Fact: Italian heirloom veggies are ridiculously good-looking. This beautiful radiccio red treviso seeds originated in Roman times, and its green heads begin to turn deep red with white midribs and veins once the weather cools.

Another fact: it’s an excellent autumn veggie, and the heads regenerate if cut off carefully above ground level.

Sow the radiccio red treviso seeds in autumn, temperature 15C.

Sow in full sun, space plants 30 x 20cm.

Your radiccio red Treviso seeds will germinate in 7-20 days and grow to 15-20cm.

Harvest in 75-90 days.




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