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Organic Palm Peat


What would I do without my Palm Peat? When potting up my pots or seedling trays I always have my trug filled with Palm Peat next to me.

Always have that extra one packed away. One can never have too much Palm Peat!

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Palm Peat, also known a coir or coconut husk, is a potting medium that provides an alternative to potting soil featuring high water retention, suitable aeration and antifungal benefits. Palm Peat ensures good germination of seed and vigorous root, plant and flower development. Palm Peat is manufactured entirely from coconut fiber, a renewable resource.

Break the coconut husks into a large bucket/tubtrug and use it as needed. Use 3 to 4 liters of water per peat block and soak overnight, you can always add more water if needed.

After you have soaked the block, fluff it up with your hands / cultivator or a hand fork. The consistency has to be similar to compost/potting soil.

Fill a planter to within 5cm from the top with the moistened and fluffed coco peat. Transplant potted seedlings into the coco peat as you would with potting soil according to the depth needed for your plant. Place the planter in the appropriate light conditions for your plant.




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