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Mixed Tritonia Bulbs


Tritonias are considered free-flowering, which makes it ideal for any pot or garden. Their warm colours make for an exceptional display in any garden.

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25 mixed tritonia bulbs per pack

Planting bulbs in your garden:

  1. Look for a warm sunny spot that has afternoon shade.
  2. The soil should be light and well drained.
  3. Plant the bulbs about 8cm apart and 4cm deep.
  4. Water deeply about every 4days.
  1. Notes:
  2. When your flowers are in bloom feel free to cut flower stems for bouquets. This will not harm the plants provided they are given a little fertilizer later in the season to help provide strength for future seasons.
  3. After blooming has finished for the season leave the foliage in place; don’t cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight, create food through photosynthesis and strengthen the bulb for the future.
  4. Water as needed during active growth periods.
  5. Later in the season, when the foliage turns yellow and dies back this indicates that the plant is slipping into dormancy. Foliage many be removed at this point.
  6. These bulbs like dry conditions when they are dormant.
  7. Water your bulbs just once during the autumn with a water-soluble fertilizer to nourish the bulbs as they develop new roots and top growth.
  8. Your bulbs will survive without fertilizer, but providing extra nutrients encourages more flowers, larger blossoms and longer life for these plants.




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