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Mixed Ranunculus Bulbs


Ranunculus offers masses of bright, colourful and thickly doubled flowers on compact plant. It will make for great cut flowers or to fill up your garden.

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15 bulbs per pack

Growing mixed ranunculus bulbs in your garden beds.

  1. Choose a sunny spot in your garden bed
  2. Make sure that your spot you have chosen has well drained soil.
  3. Plant the mixed ranunculus bulbs 10-15cm apart and 5-7cm deep
  4. Water after planting to encourage bulbs to establish their roots.
  5. Refrain from watering again until you see the leaves sprouting, which will likely be in the spring.

Growing Ranunculus in pots/containers.

  1. Chose the correct size pot for your amount of bulbs. Make sure it has drainage holes at the bottom.
  2. Plant the mixed ranunculus bulbs about 7-10cm apart and 5cm deep in your soil.
  3. Water after planting.
  4. Place the pot in a sunny area.


  • Leave the bulbs alone after you have planted them in Autumn. The bulb will form small roots and sprouts, so we do not want to disturb them.
  • Once it has stopped blooming allow the foliage to grow until it turns yellow in colour. They have to make “food” to store for the next year’s bloom.
  • If the foliage is still growing, water lightly.
  • Clip off the foliage as it yellows and dies back. Make sure you stop the watering to prevent rotting of the roots.




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