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Kids Mixed Herbs Growkit


This easy to use garden kit will get you and your little ones gardening in no time.

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This growkit has the most well-known 4 herbs that is considered a staple in any garden/kitchen.

Get your kids involved in the garden as well as the kitchen.

Let them learn and pick your herbs before supper or a Saturday brunch!

This growkit contains:

Parsley – Parsley is a pretty little Mediterranean herb that lends a sprinkling of color to your plate and garden.

Rocket – Upright mustard like herb with a distinctive zesty flavour that grows with beautiful little flowers.

Oreganum – This is such an easy going herb that can be used in your everyday cooking.

Basil – This powerful antioxidant, anti inflammatory herb adds a unique taste to your tomato based dishes. Make your own pesto or add it onto your home made pizza!



Soil preparation: Put your “magic disc” of soil in a 250ml cup of water and watch it “grow”. After 2 minutes, put the soil back in the pots.

Seed sowing: Put 2 seeds in each pot and push 2cm into the soil. Cover the seeds and insert your labels into your pots and water lightly.

Growing: Put pots on a sunny windowsill and water lightly every day. When the seedling is 10cm tall, plant it into your garden with its biodegradable pot.




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