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UnBEETable Gardeners Gift


All puns aside, this fabulous gift comes with a Moulton Mill Stainless Steel Hand Trowel, Moulton Mill Metal Watering Can and a selection of 5 different packets of RAW seeds, from carrots to kale, that can be sown in Autumn and Winter.

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Moulton Mill Metal Watering Can – A beautifully crafted, strong metal watering can complete with folding handle and watering rose.

Moulton Mill Stainless Steel Hand Trowel – The perfect garden hand trowel for planting and weeding. It has a certified FSC ash shaft, an ergonomically shaped handle, a rust-resistant stainless steel head for less soil adhesion, and a cranked shaft to avoid knuckle injuries.

RAW Seeds:

Beet Rainbow Blend – Gone are the days of refusing to eat your beets: these glorious white, red, golden and Chioggia varieties are sweet and flavoursome. This isn’t something we’d say about any other life form, but they’re best eaten when they’re babies.

Radish Confetti Blend – Confetti is a quirky blend of white, red and bi-coloured radishes. Mixed bouquets of radishes date back to the early 1800s, where growers would bundle together whatever colours they had available at the time. So basically you’ve got the vintage food trend DOWN if you plant these.

Kale Vates Blue Curled – When something hails from Scotland, you know it’s going to be hardy, tough to pronounce and happiest in cool weather. This variety of kale has finely curled blue-green leaves and grows low to the ground. Use a “cut-and-come-again” approach for best results, and trim the inner leaves as they mature.

Carrot Rainbow Blend – Once upon a time, carrots came in a wide variety of colours. However, in a stroke of patriotism, 16th-century Dutch growers bred the humble carrot orange. This throwback blend is a kaleidoscope of carrots that add a dash of crazy and a whole lot of flavour to every dish.

Cauliflower Romanesco – It’s been called “psychedelic broccoli” by some and “weirdly delicious” by others… both are true. Romanesco is a 16th-century Italian cauliflower variety that’s crisp in texture, apple-green in colour and wonderfully nutty in flavor.


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