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Tramontina Curved Bypass Pruner


 If you need to be precise in cutting, this is what you’re going to need. The way it is shaped makes it easier for you to cut at the right angle. But take note that it would be quite difficult for you to use these when cutting large branches. These work well with thin stems and small branches

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Pruning tools are also called as pruning shears. They are similar to scissors in design and mechanism. The only thing that differentiates them over regular scissors is that they’re purpose is to be used on cutting plants, tree branches, and shrubs. These pruning tools are fully capable of cutting even the thickest of branches, with some premium tools being able to cut two-centimeter-thick shrubs.

Professional Pruning Shears are specially designed for use in horticulture, floriculture, forestry and landscaping. They feature an ergonomic handle, security lock  and high performance steel blades.


  • Made of high-resistance aluminum with non-slip rubberized material, the shears are light-weight and comfortable for the user.
  • Safety lock used to lock the blades when not in use.
  • High performance blades made of top quality, special Japanese steel that is tempered and chrome plated.
  • Precision sharpness provides and extremely durable cutting edge and precise, smooth cutting capability.


Length: 201mm

Width: 20mm

Height: 62mm


After it was used, clean and dry the pruner and apply some drops of mineral oil on the blades and joints.




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