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Bokashi Probiotic Fermented Bran 1kg


Our bokashi fermented wheat bran is inoculated with probiotics that helps breakdown your food waste and turn it into compost.

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Bokashi can be used to safely compost food waste preventing odours, flies and vermin.
It ferments food waste instead of the food waste rotting. Once the food waste has been fermented, it is converted into compost by mixing with garden waste.

A bokashi system quickly and easily converts all food waste into highly productive compost. The key to the bokashi process is fermentation. Through fermentation, bokashi composting generates the specialized microbes, yeast, and fungi

How to use it?
Each time you add food waste to your bokashi compost bin you need to sprinkle your bran on top of your waste. You can never add too much bran.
Once you have your layers of waste and bran keep your full bucket of bran sealed for a few weeks to start the compost fermentation process.
After a few weeks, you can drain your bokashi liquid from the tap at the bottom of the bin.
Dilute your bokashi liquid with some water and feed your house or garden plants with the tea.

Your fermentation will be successful once you see white mould on top of your waste in the bokashi bin. It will have a distinct pickle smell.
Bury your successful and white covered mouldy waste in your compost pile, and turn it over every other week.
You can use your compost to cover and mulch your veggie or flower beds with the compost

Do not place your bin in direct sunlight
Do not use if you have blue/green mould


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