Our Namaqualand tour – 4 days of floral bliss!

25 Aug 2016

From 1 – 4 August this year, I had the pleasure of taking some big time gardening fans on tour with me to see the famous Namaqualand flowers. What a blast we had – such great people and loads of laughs. We frolicked in the daisies, visited the ruins of a old farmhouse (simply spectacular!).

The Namaqualand flowers are simply amazing – at a glance, it only looks like daisies but when you stop and look closer you find so many more blooms. I couldn’t stop taking pics – what beauties.[ux_image id=”3300″]

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For me, this year’s highlight was the visit to the Knersvlakte. Our bus pulled over on the side of the road, looking on to this vast expanse of what looked like nothingness – just a few brown nondescript bushes that I don’t think a hungry goat would eat. We all gingerly all got out of the bus (it was freezing with a cold wind blowing) and we were all thinking ‘what the frig?’ but dared not say aloud as our tour guide Mike was very excited!

Stepping out, he called us all into a little circle and then started to expand on what we were about to discover…

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There amongst the plains of white quartz stones, I discovered the most amazing little gems, hardened tough little succulents that can cope with temperatures soaring to 48 degrees and dropping in winter to below zero. I love this amazing place where life prevails over the elements to survive… eventually the bus driver was hooting for me to get on the bus. I did not want to leave.

Another heart stopping moment was the much talked about Quiver tree forest. We made our way up the Vanrhyns Pass , drove along a dirt road and there in the distance, emerging like little stars were the shapes of these resilient beauties, initially just specks and then – boom – not one or two but hundreds, a forest, a family, a community of these amazing trees.[ux_image id=”3317″]

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Interesting enough, we emerged from the bus, quiet and still, entranced by this landscape, and then we simply all went our own way, disappearing into the rocks and wonder of the Quiver trees. This was a truly spiritual moment for me – beauty with presence against all odds!

Nieuwoudtville was also spectacular. We visited glacier tracks, rare bulbs, famous South African authors, and so much more.

What a trip! This is why I garden – to take what I see in Nature’s paradise, remember the images, and try and recreate my own paradise.

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  1. Wonderful…… would love to keep in touch with you and all your news and tips, usually renew my subscription at the house and garden show and always have a chat with you. Thank you for the offer. Cathy Smith

    • Hi Cathy, thank you for the comment. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the news and tips we share. The House and Garden show was wonderful. We’re looking forward to The Witness Garden show coming up next month. ♥ Tanya

  2. Thank you. Hope to see you at the Witness garden show.

    • We’ll definitely see you there. Looking forward to it!

  3. Hi Tanya,
    My husband and I would really like to join a trip to Namaqualand to do the flowers next year. Not sure of how the itinery would work. We live in natal and would hopefully be able to join the group somewhere in the Cape.

    • Hi Maureen, that’s great. We’d love to have you join us for the next trip. Send an email to hello@tanyavisser.com and we can chat about the itinerary. It really is a wonderful experience. Check our facebook page for the full photo album. ♥ Tanya

  4. Lovely pictures thanks. We have just got back from Kamieskroon where we stayed on a farm and visited skilpad area
    What wonderful flowers and sights to see too and on the way back from Namibia the countryside was beautiful around the Clanwilliam area

  5. Please advise where your magazines nice glossy paper went the new paper reflects a glare from overhead lights and feels a bit nasty and the colour and clarity of your beautiful photos is lost?


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