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“Gardening has helped me overcome many challenges in my life and my dream is to share with as many people as possible the joy that gardening brings. From the exhilaration of planting your first seed and watching it grow to just sitting quietly and admiring the plants while you collect your thoughts.”

But according to this down-to-earth TV personality, her talent for getting her hands dirty in the garden also extends into the kitchen. “I not only love nurturing plant life, I also love cooking and experimenting with fresh produce straight from the garden. There’s nothing better than producing a delicious homemade meal using your very own home-grown veg.”

Speaking Events

A professional public speaker, Tanya gives talks on all aspects of gardening. From green trends to creative garden concepts, she’ll educate and inspire your audience with her in-depth knowledge and extensive experience.

A long-lasting passion of Tanya’s is to expose others to the immense amount of beauty that can be found in a garden, inspiring her to create and participate in numerous gardening shows and events, such as The Witness Garden Show, The Autumn Garden Show and Builders Tea and Talks that have taken her all over Southern Africa, as well as TV shows like The Gardener.

These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Garden Masterclasses with Tanya Visser
  • Flower & Garden Shows
  • Garden Fairs
  • Television Shows
  • Business Talks & Motivational Speaking
  • The Witness Garden Show
  • The Autumn Garden Show

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