Make your own composter and start composting

by | Jun 1, 2016 | DIY, Gardening | 4 comments

Get composting with this simple do-it-yourself project.

Gather Together:

  • 4 treated wattle panels (you can also use chicken wire fencing or sheets of corrugated iron or plastic)
  • 4 plastic coated metals fence droppers (wooden ones will do)
  • Cable ties
  • Newspaper
  • Straw
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Compost activator (there are various ones to choose from)
  • Shredder for small branches

The Process: 

  1. Choose a level area that is easily accessible and where the composter can remain for a while. You don’t want to have to move it.
  2. Knock a fence dropper into the ground to a depth of around 300mm.
  3. Attach one of the panels to the pole using cable ties.
  4. Continue knocking in the fence droppers and tying the panels to the poles to form a square, leaving the last one untied for access.
  5. Cut off the excess fence dropper sticking out at the top of the panels.
  6. Start your compost with a layer of shredded newspaper, then a layer of straw, grass clippings and leaves.
  7. Add compost activator to the mix.
  8. You can now add kitchen waste and garden prunings.
  9. To make life easier, put small branches through a shredder.
  10. Turn the compost every 4-6 weeks. Your compost should be ready to use after eight weeks, depending on conditions.