How Plants Can Help Us To Relax and Feel Peaceful

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We are complicated beings that experience all sorts of complex emotions, from the ones we enjoy, like feeling love or contentment, to the emotions we wish we never experienced, like anxiety and sadness.

From the green we see to the peace we feel

Most of us live in a fast-paced work environment and have also been dealing with a pandemic for 2 years now. Many of us are working from home, some have lost their jobs, and there are so many other stresses that came along with this pandemic.

Many of the activities we used to enjoy to help us relax have been put on pause, like enjoying fun nights out with friends and attending a public event.

Luckily we still have plants. We have learnt that plants help us to relax and are good for our wellbeing, but what we would like to fully understand is what goes on in our brains and bodies when we are around them.

How do plants help us relax?

We experience wonder, a feeling of mysteriousness, curiosity and abundant love. It could even be called oneness.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines awe as, ‘an emotion variously combining dread, veneration and wonder that is inspired by authority or by sacred or sublime.’

Would you not want to be in state of constant sublimity?

What we know for sure is that being in a garden helps our immune system. Unconsciously, without noticing, we become quiet and hear the buzzing of the bees and the singing of birds.

Having a plant or two in your bedroom purifies the air your breathe, making it easy for your body to rejuvenate and sleep better. Some say that paying attention to the symmetry, fractals and patterns of leaves or flowers is also what helps to reduce stress and direct our attention outside of ourselves.

To summarise, you need plants to help you relax! 

  1. Greenery is good for the brain, body, and soul

When you do not have the opportunity to go outside often, bring plants to your workspace and home to help decrease your blood pressure.

  1. Helps remove toxins from the body

Plants are natural air purifies and remove toxins from the air.

  1. Plants are therapeutic

Looking after plants is a natural form of therapy.

  1. Helps reduce background noise

Big leafy plants help with creating a tranquil mood.

  1. Plants help sharpen our attention

If we pay attention to plants, it will help with concentration.

  1. Plants help us recover from illnesses

Plants can help speed up your recovery.

  1. Plants can help with productivity

Studies have shown that people in workspaces with plants take fewer sick days off work.

  1. Plants could help with your outlook on life

Just pay attention to plants, their textures and colours, and experience a feeling of being both a big and a small part of the ecosystem.

  1. Plants provide us with a sense of companionship

You can talk to them, tell them private things and give them names, all of which help a lot.

Get the ‘in’ on plant relaxers

Having plants can be a source of pleasure! Sharing your space with living breathing beings can make your environment feel happier and healthier.

While this was just a small collection of relaxing benefits, there is so much to explore on the importance of plants. To get more info visit Thanks Plants!

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