Succulents for Any Occasion

You should all know by now that I just love succulents! Their diversity is incredible, and with so many to choose from, they make the perfect collectable. They are tough and require very little attention. The most important thing is enough sun and not to over water.

Here is a great way to showcase your succulents, whether on a coffee table or as a centerpiece at the dinner table.

You will need:

1 X Glass bowl

1 x Small bag of silica sand (it is the sand used in pool filtration)

1 x Small bag potting soil

1x Small bag coloured pebbles

1 x Small bag gravel

Some of your favourite succulents

A scented candle

1. Place the coarse gravel at the bottom of the glass bowl.

2. Place 5cm of silica and potting soil mix on top of gravel.

3. Remove your succulents from their pots and discard excess soil on roots, then place in position in your glass bowl, along with your candle.

4.  Fill with silica sand mix to cover the roots.

5. Place your decorative pebbles around the succulents carefully, and try to avoid getting stones into the leaves of the plants. If it does happen, use a paint brush to brush off plant.

6. Water lightly. You will see the water drip down to the bottom layer of gravel – keep an eye on your water level and only water if the soil is totally dry

7.  Light your candle and enjoy!

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