Top trends from the Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower show is the most prestigious flower show in the world and their display gardens are nothing short of spectacular. This show is so worth the trip – for a true gardener, it’s like inspiration overload.

Global garden fashion kicks off at this show, giving me a chance to catch up on the latest gardening trends and bring them home to share with you. Want a bit of Chelsea in your home garden?

Here are my picks of the hottest trends:

  1. It’s all about the bronze: Bronze tones and material copper are all the rage this year. Think pots and troughs. I love the autumn look of copper. And, even better, snails hate it! Have a snail problem? Using a copper barrier around any plant is a sure-fire way of preventing those little pests from getting to it.
  2. Hot, hot, hot garden ornaments: We’re not talking your granny’s garden gnomes here. The latest in garden ornamentation includes stunning bronze statues and sculptures. Gorgeous eye candy for your outdoor space!
  3. Woodwork everywhere: Many of the garden displays showed chunky, overstated wood in the form of arches and pillars. Natural and strong – I love how powerful and striking sculpted wood can be. And it adds a whole new texture designers can work with.
  4. Eat me up green stuff: The use of veggies and edible plants within the garden landscape has been trending for the past few years, with gardeners moving edible greenery, flowers, and herbs back into flower beds, rather than keeping them separate from decorative plants. Why am I so excited? Because it looks like this trend is here to stay! Want to start your own veggie garden? Read this. Or if you’re already there, I challenge you to move beyond veggie patch basics like lettuce and spinach – try vivid bronze fennel, artichokes, and rocket and watch your garden grow!

On the home front, I attended one of SA’s hottest home expos shows this month – the ECR House and Garden Show! With our fabulous space dedicated to The Gardener Live, and tons of inside and outside inspiration, it’s one of our favourite shows. Read all about it here.

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