Bulbs, Colours and Bright Ideas

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Gardening, Gardening Trends & Inspiration | 1 comment

Its bulb time! Don’t miss out! It is definitely a great time to get your garden ready for a wonderful splash of winter colour. Aside from bulbs, it is always a good idea to get your garden a Sonic Mole Repeller to avoid a lot of hard work for nothing.

Tried and trusted

One minute you’ll see them for sale and then, on your next visit, when you’ve finally decided what you want, all you find is empty shelves because every single one has been sold and, alas, there will be no more this season. Bulb season works like that; there are limited quantities and a limited time in which they are available. So don’t get left in the dust! Here are some of my all-time-favourites; they always work so well in my garden (with minimum fuss), they evoke memories of my childhood and their beauty never ceases to amaze me.


The ranunculus as we know it today is probably one of the greatest success stories in the history of plant breeding. The blooms of this versatile plant rival roses and peonies for their sheer beauty and the profusion in which they are borne. They are easy to grow, make superb cut flowers, bloom when there is little other colour available and can be planted almost anywhere. Plus they’re not expensive! Buy your ranunculus bulbs when they appear on the shelves (generally near the end of February) and store them at room temperature, then plant them out during April or May. They respond to cool, moist weather.


Indigenous freesias are a favourite because they offer three excellent qualities: flower power, heavenly scent and ease of growth. They come in a wide variety of colours and the glorious scent that they exude will sweeten any room. Grown in light dappled sunlight or semi-shade, they lend a delightful fragrance to spring evenings, especially if they are grown in a courtyard where their scent can be ‘trapped’ for your pleasure.

‘Paper White’ Narcissus

‘Paper Whites’ produce masses of scented white blooms very early in the season – usually in late June. They are so tough they will even grow if they are placed on a pebble-filled bowl of water. If you have any youngsters in the house, this is an excellent way to show them how wonderous Mother Nature is. For the next couple of months you and your family can watch enthralled as first the roots, then the stems and finally the spikes of pretty flowers emerge from the bulbs.

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