Best Hoya Species For Indoor Gardens

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Gardening | 0 comments

Hoyas are beloved houseplants that have gained massive popularity in recent years. Their thick, waxy leaves and adorable scented flowers make them unlike any other houseplants around. Plus, there is so much variety within this genus, from different species to the many cultivars, that there is bound to be something for everyone.

Hoya carnosa

The most common Hoya species you’ll come across is H. carnosa, popular for its low maintenance nature and ability to flower prolifically indoors. It is also the species with the most cultivars, hybridized and cultivated for over 100 years. If you come across any Hoya in the houseplant section of your local nursery, it is more than likely H. carnosa ‘Jade’, with thick and waxy elongated leaves. These climbers are often found twisting around a trellis or central support. Compacta is another favorite you may have seen on your social media feeds. The thick leaves are twisted and look wonderful cascading from hanging baskets.

Hoya australis

H. australis is another common Hoya species native to Australia and the South of Asia. When compared to the popular Jade Hoya, it looks quite similar, but has a bit more volume in the leaves. Their shape is slightly more rounded (depending on the cultivar) and is usually deep green, although there are some interesting and rare variegated cultivars on the market. They have been compared to Peperomias due to the similar shape in the leaves and they are equally as easy to care for. During spring and summer, you can look forward to adorable clusters of white flowers with bright pink centres.

Hoya kerrii

This species is unique in that it is often sold as a single leaf rather than an entire plant. That’s because the leaves of this Hoya are almost perfectly heart-shaped and large, filling out smaller pots and making a wonderfully unique Valentine’s Day gift. It is commonly known as the sweetheart vine after these interesting leaves that grow on long vines. The leaves are typically a solid green colour, but there are also variegated types with stripes around the edges of the heart. If you find one in stores or online, make sure to snatch it up quickly as these plants sell out fast.

Hoya bella

This compact species has slightly smaller leaves when compared to the other types. You may find them labeled as the miniature wax plant or, to get technical, H. lanceolata ssp. bella. These leaves are arrow shaped and grow densely along the vines, making the plant look full and abundant. Bella translates to beautiful, aptly describing this wonderful species and its scented blooms. If you’re looking to fill space above your head in your home with dense foliage overflowing from a hanging basket, Hoya bella is the perfect option.

Hoya linearis

H. linearis is unlike any other Hoya on this list. The leaves are narrow, long, and incredibly delicate, creating a stunning indoor feature. They look great in hanging baskets or trailing from bookshelves, producing their interesting flowers when given enough bright light during the flowering season. This type is certainly more understated, taking up less space than other Hoyas. But, that’s what makes it perfect for smaller areas that you’re struggling to fill in kitchens or bathrooms. Or, hang them from the ceiling to turn your living room into a Himalayan indoor jungle.