Known by most South Africans as the television presenter of the Home Channel’s popular show, The Gardener, Tanya Visser still considers herself a regular gardener by profession who’s taken on lots of additional ‘day jobs’ in order to do what she loves best. If Tanya had it her way, she’d be a full-time gardener but unfortunately it doesn’t pay all that well (especially when it’s in your own garden), so she is also the editor of The Gardener and Die Tuinier magazines, author of various gardening books and also plays host to various Television and live shows throughout the year.

Tanya’s passion for gardening rooted itself at a young age through the guidance of her parents. It all started with helping her dad in the veggie patch, and to this day she loves growing her own vegetables for the kitchen and also has an impressive collection of succulents and grasses. According to the Garden Guru, “Many of my earliest memories are of gardening with my mom and dad: picking tomatoes, digging up the rich earth to harvest our home grown peanuts, cutting anthurium blooms for the vase and watching as they cared for their potted orchids. Gardening is my passion, my life and everything that I am; in fact, I’m pretty sure my blood is green!”

Tanya built on the knowledge she acquired during those very early days in the garden by studying horticulture at what was then Natal Technikon. After qualifying as a horticulturist she began her working career in a garden centre, learning the tricks of the trade and expanding her plant and business knowledge. After a respectable nine years or so in the green industry she moved on to join the world of publishing.

Tanya has lots of big ideas when it comes to gardening and even bigger dreams.

“Gardening has helped me overcome many challenges in my life and my dream is to share with as many people as possible the joy that gardening brings. From the exhilaration of planting your first seed and watching it grow to just sitting quietly and admiring the plants while you collect your thoughts.”

But according to this down-to-earth TV personality, her talent for getting her hands dirty in the garden also extends into the kitchen. “I not only love nurturing plant life, I also love cooking and experimenting with fresh produce straight from the garden. There’s nothing better than producing a delicious homemade meal using your very own home-grown veg.”

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